Photography by Orhan Rauf Akdemir

STL Hong Kong is looking for talented  young people to take up hospitality positions in Asia.


STL are currently working together with British graduates, helping them to experience catering positions with our partner restaurants and hotels in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. STL is now recruiting existing, and soon to be, graduates with qualifications in catering, hotel management, tourism, and associated fields to work in our partner restaurants in Hong Kong's vibrant and world renowned culinary and hospitality sector. With an increasing demand for western skill sets in the competitive and exciting food industry of the east, there has never been a better time to begin the adventure of a career in the world of Hong Kong food.

The second part of the STL program sees graduates transfer their skills to the hotel industry in one of Asia's two most energetic metropolises, Seoul and Tokyo. For individuals with a sense of adventure, an interest in Asian culture, and/or a commitment to a career in the hospitality industry, head over to careers to find out more.

We work with several phenomenal culinary institutions in Hong Kong ensuring the highest quality professional service in exchange for priceless industry experience. To find out more about some of our partner institutions, keep scrolling or click on the links below:



Probably Hong Kong' best beer & burger restaurant.


In their own words the team at Beef & Liberty have "succeeded in their quest for perfection" when it comes to beef burgers, and it would seem there are few people out there who would disagree. Beef & Liberty is one of the most exciting restaurants in Hong Kong, offering delicious, award-winning food made with the best ingredients from around the world. Throw in one of the city's best selections of craft beer and here we have an unstoppably popular restaurant, right in the heart of Hong Kong.


Check out Beef & Liberty



Morton's has great steak with an even greater view


For the perfect steak you can count on Morton's Steakhouse almost anywhere in the United States, but it is only in Hong Kong that you can combine a world authority on cooking beef with one of the finest views anywhere. Waterside in Kowloon, Morton's delivers high quality dining and seamless service, whilst a harbour view from every table ensures they deliver a feast for both the eyes and mouth. Recently ranked in Weekend Weekly's Top 5 Steakhouses, there is no doubt that, right now,  Morton's is one of the places to be in Hong Kong.


Check out the view on their website



 A concept brilliantly redesigning mealtime


Black Sheep Restaurants is a Hong Kong-based hospitality group which looks at food in unconventional ways. In their spaces, concept leads and delicious cuisine follows, resulting in thrilling dining experiences such as Maison Libanaise's taste of 1960's Beirut and the French cum Vietnamese fare of Le Garçon Saigon. Combining culture, novelty, history and flavour, Black Sheep Restaurants may just be offering the most unique style of restauranting ever. Either way, we think it's brilliant.


Hear them say it better on their website


Bringing Lombardy and Liguria to East Asia


One is unlikely to find a higher-calibre dining experience in all of the Special Administrative Region of Hong Kong. Nicholini's is the master of Northern Italian cooking, specialising in homemade pasta, the freshest produce, and the essence of the region's culinary tradition. Set in opulent locale on the 8th floor of the 5 star Conrad Hotel in Admiralty, here is a restaurant offering the finest quality, in the finest environment.


Visit Nicholini's at Conrad